Upgrading From Version 6

If you are upgrading from Version6, you have the option of keeping Version 6 installed.  Version 6 and Version 7 can both be resident on the machine at the same time.  Please note however that if you purchased an upgrade to Version 6, you still only have one license to run MaxIm DL.

If you remove Version 6 after Version 7 is installed, doing so may remove the file associations; e.g. if you double-click a FITS file on disk MaxIm DL will not be launched. You can correct this by doing a Repair Install on Version 7.  To do this run the MaxIm DL installer again, and select Repair.


Transferring Version 7 Settings

The settings for MaxIm DL Version 7 are stored in:

Documents\MaxIm DL 7\Settings

The settings for MaxIm DL Version 6 are stored in:

Documents\MaxIm DL 6\Settings

To copy your settings from Version 6 to Version 7, simply copy the Settings folder from the V6 folder to the V7 folder.  The vast majority of your settings will be transferred; a small number will not transfer correctly due to functional differences between the two programs.  

Note:  The actual physical disk location of the documents folder in Windows is usually:

C:\Users\My User Name\Documents\MaxIm DL 7\Settings