Updating to New Releases

New MaxIm DL licenses come with one year of free updates and support. The expiry date is included as part of your MaxIm DL user license.

Minor updates are released as required. To download updates, open MaxIm DL and select Help menu Check For Updates. Your web browser will open to a special update page. This page will inform you whether a new update is available.

If your updates have expired, and your software is out of date, you will be offered two choices:

Version 6 owners qualify for an "upgrade subscription".  When you purchase an upgrade subscription, you receive a replacement license with a new, later expiry date.  

A replacement license is an extension of your original license. You can not transfer or resell your original license.

Version 1 through Version 5 owners qualify for a discount coupon, which you can use to purchase a new license at a discount.

The purpose of the upgrade subscription is to permit continuous product improvements, providing new capabilities to MaxIm DL users. Minor updates are not simply "bug fixes", as almost every minor update includes new features. Your upgrade subscription will also apply to a major upgrade, if it is released prior to your expiry date.

If a minor update is released primarily to correct a problem, it is usually made available to users of the previous version, even if it is after their cutoff date for updates. This means that additional upgrades may be available to you even after your expiry date has passed. We recommend that you run the Check For Updates command periodically after your expiry date.

Upon expiry you do not have to purchase an upgrade subscription immediately; if you wish you may wait until new features you want to use have been added. To see the list of new features, review the Release Notes online. Please note that the standard subscription price covers at most one major upgrade; if you require two or more major upgrades additional charges will apply.