Starlight Xpress Hex File Utility

If you have an SXV camera installed, then you do not need to use this utility. The SXV firmware is managed automatically by the camera and Windows.

For older non-SXV cameras, this utility helps you set up the camera firmware, also known as a Hex file. Older cameras use a USB 1.1 interface. It can be operated either using the new SX Universal firmware and the SX Universal driver, or using the older camera-specific firmware and drivers.

To bring up this dialog box, go to the Setup tab, click the Setup button for the camera, and select the Starlight Xpress camera driver you wish to use. Click the Advanced button.

You will see the Currently Installed Hex File if MaxIm DL can locate and identify it. This is the file currently installed in your Windows folder.

The list of available hex files is shown under New Hex File. These are stored in a subfolder of the MaxIm DL program folder called SxHex. The hex file recommended for the driver you are using will be highlighted. Under Hex File Description will be a brief explanation of the characteristics of the particular hex file. Follow the Instructions below to install that Hex file.

The SX Universal driver and firmware can be used to operate all SX USB cameras, including SXV USB 2.0 and older USB 1.1 cameras. The other Hex files are used only with older cameras in conjunction with the older camera-specific drivers. You may also need to use them when operating the camera with other software.

Availability of this feature depends on Product Level.