QSI Universal

For this driver, please select QSI Universal on the Setup tab.

All Quantum Scientific Imaging camera models are supported.

The QSI driver and plug-in must be installed using the disk supplied with the camera. Please note that an updated driver and/or plug-in may be available from QSI; please visit their web site at http://www.qsimaging.com/ for updates.

Note: The current QSI software installs the files into the wrong folder. Please move the installed files from C:\Program Files (x86)\Diffraction Limited\MaxIm DL V6 to C:\Program Files (x86)Diffraction Limited\\MaxIm DL 6.

All settings are located under Advanced...

The control functions are as follows:

USB Interface – Select the specific QSI camera that you wish to control from those listed in the USB Interface list box.

Ethernet Interface – Disabled on QSI 500 Series cameras.

LED Indicator On – Uncheck to disable the Status Indicator LED on the back of the camera. Only normal status indications are disabled. Visual indication of errors cannot be disabled.

Sound On – Uncheck to disable the Audible Beeper. Sounds associated with camera initialization and error notification cannot be disabled.

Fan Mode – Can be set to Off, Quiet, or Full Speed. Full Speed is the default setting and allows for the greatest cooling.

Bits per Pixel – Always set to 16 bits per pixel for QSI 500 Series cameras.

Shutter Mode – Settings are "Mechanical" or "Electronic". This setting can only be changed on cameras with interline transfer CCDs such as the QSI 520i.

Anti-Blooming – Default settings is "Off". This can only be set to On with cameras that have CCDs with anti-blooming protection that can be controlled or adjusted electronically.

Flush Cycles – This number determines how many times the pixels in the CCD are flushed between exposures. The default value is 2. It can be lowered to decrease the time between exposures or increased if you want to ensure that the CCD retains less stray charge between exposures.

Show D/L Progress – Check this box to enable reporting progress while an image is being downloaded from the camera. The default settings is "Off". If Show D/L Progress is enabled it will modestly increase the download time.

Optimization – Set for best readout speed or best image quality. This setting is disabled on QSI 500 Series cameras, which always optimize for image quality.

 Availability of this feature depends on Product Level.