Orion StarShoot Deep-Space

This plug-in driver is available as part of the Obsolete Driver Pack.

Important Note:  Currently available information suggests that the StarShoot drivers are not compatible with threading.  We recommend turning off threading - see Setup Tab Options dialog.

For this driver, please select Orion SSDSI on the Setup tab. This driver supports Orion StarShoot Deep Space II (color and mono), Pro, Pro V2, and Mono III models.


Note: for the original Orion StarShoot Deep Space Color Imager 1, use the Orion SSDSI-1 driver  (included in the Obsolete Driver pack).

Note: for the Orion StarShoot G3, use ASCOM Camera with the driver supplied by Orion.

Note: for Orion StarShoot Solar System Imagers, use the Video DirectShow driver.

Note: for Orion StarShoot Autoguiders, use the SS Autoguider driver.

The drivers for the camera must be installed. These are available on the CD-ROM supplied with the camera. Windows should automatically detect the camera when it is plugged in, and the installation wizard will search the CD-ROM and find the drivers.

Availability of this feature depends on Product Level.