Meade DSI

This plug-in driver is available as part of the Obsolete Driver Pack.

For this driver, please select Meade DSI on the Setup tab.

This driver controls the Meade Deep Sky Imager, which connects to the computer via a USB 2.0 interface. It operates all Meade DSI variants (I, II, and III, standard and Pro).

IMPORTANT: You must upgrade to the latest version of Meade's DSI drivers, by installing Envisage 7.05 or higher. Envisage should be installed prior to installing MaxIm DL. Envisage 7 is available from

The Gain and Offset controls set the gain and background offset level for the imager. Typical settings are Gain of 50 and Offset of 100; please see the Meade documentation for more information on these settings.

Camera ID lets you select which camera to use as the main camera, or as the autoguider, if you have more than one DSI camera plugged in.

DSI images appear in raw format, with a CMYG Bayer pattern. To convert to full RGB color, use the Convert Color command, and set Select Camera to Meade DSI.

For DSI Pro or DSI Pro II, it is useful to select the Manual Filter Wheel. You will automatically be prompted for filter changes when running exposure sequences, and the filter slot used will also be entered into the FITS header.

These cameras are not cooled, so the cooler controls are not enabled when this camera is in use. For the DSI II and above, the CCD temperature is displayed and recorded in the FITS header. Please note that the temperature display may take 5-10 seconds to appear when you first connect to the camera.

Availability of this feature depends on Product Level.