Run Script

This command allows you to start a VBScript or JScript running. Scripts can be set up to perform just about any image processing or exposure function via MaxIm DL’s COM Automation interface (also known as ActiveX).

COM Automation/ActiveX is an industry-standard method for different programs to communicate with each other. MaxIm DL’s COM interface conforms to the ASCOM standard ( Complete documentation of MaxIm DL's objects, properties, and methods is provided in the on-line help.

The Select Script File dialog allows you to browse your hard disk or network to locate a VBScript or JScript file. Open the file to start the script running. The Windows CScript command processor is used to run the script, and a window appears showing the progress of the script execution.

Scripting can also be accessed from other scripting and programming languages, including Java, Perl, Visual Basic, Visual C++, etc.