Filter Exposure Factors

The Filter Exposure Factors window is used to enter the exposure time multipliers associated with each position in the filter wheel. These are applied to the base autoguider exposure time specified on the Guide Tab when Filter Compensation is enabled. This window and the compensation feature itself are both activated from the Options button menu of the Guide tab.

The window contains a single scrollable list control, containing three columns, Pos (position), Filter Name, and Factor. Double-click on the row to change its Filter Factor, or select the row and press the Insert key. You can move to the previous or following rows by pressing the up and down arrow keys respectively.

Factor values are limited to range from 0.01 to 100.0, though a more sensible range is from around 5.0 for a very dense filter down to 1.0 for an open position.

Click OK to close the window and update the values used by the autoguider. Filter Compensation must be enabled separately.  These values can be adjusted while the autoguider is running.