Equipment Setup

MaxIm DL supports a wide variety of hardware, including cameras, autoguiders, filter wheels, focusers, telescope mounts, focal plane rotators, and observatory domes. Most astronomy equipment is supported via ASCOM drivers, which are available from ASCOM is not a piece of software but rather an open, standardized interface for controlling astronomy equipment. In order to use ASCOM drivers you must first install the ASCOM Platform, which is a free download from the ASCOM web site.

All telescope, dome, focuser, and rotator drivers are exclusively supported via ASCOM.  Some cameras and filter wheels also have ASCOM drivers. All cameras can be used as autoguiders in MaxIm DL, although some may not be suitable for the purpose.

Most camera and filter wheel models are supported through proprietary MaxIm DL "plug-in drivers".  Many plug-ins are included with the MaxIm DL installation, although the majority of these are actually provided by the third-party manufacturers.  Other plug-ins are distributed with the equipment or can be downloaded from the manufacturer's web site. Please note that there are often additional driver files required, which are available from the manufacturer's web site.  For more information on setup and configuration of these devices please see Camera and Autoguider Setup and Filter Wheel Setup.

In summary, equipment drivers are available from the following sources:

In all cases please follow the manufacturer's instructions for driver installation.

New equipment is appearing all the time, and as a result may not be listed in our documentation. If your equipment is not listed, please be sure to:

Please note that our ability to provide technical support for third-party drivers is necessarily limited.  While we will always do our best to assist you, in some cases we may need to refer you to the equipment manufacturer for technical support. Also please review the Camera Troubleshooting section.

The proprietary MaxIm DL camera/filter wheel Plug-in API is available from Diffraction Limited upon request. An “advanced” version of the interface is also available to equipment manufacturers and developers. Please contact Diffraction Limited for more information.