Camera Troubleshooting

Most camera-related problems, including driver issues, are best resolved by talking to the equipment manufacturer. The vast majority of camera manufacturers provide their own drivers for operating their equipment. Many of the "plug-in drivers" supplied with MaxIm DL simply provide a bridge to the camera manufacturer's own proprietary driver API.


USB Problems

USB interface problems can cause the software to apparently lock up. Often the software may become completely unresponsive and/or cannot be closed. The reason for this is that one of the threads is locked in a kernel-level driver.  Unfortunately this cannot be resolved from by the application software, as it is a hardware or vendor-supplied driver problem.

To diagnose a USB lockup problem, pull the USB cables one at a time.  When you find the problem interface the software will come back to life and display an appropriate error message. 

Common causes of USB lockups include:

Another USB-related problem that is sometimes encountered is the main camera fails when the autoguider is running.  This can be caused by a USB hub not being able to handle the high bandwidth required running two cameras at once.  You can try replacing the hub; however it is strongly recommended to avoid using hubs for cameras.  It is recommended to avoid USB hubs altogether if possible.


Camera Error Codes

A partial list of error codes is available. Some codes are common to all plug-in drivers; others are specific to the equipment.


Autoguider Troubleshooting

Please see Autoguider Troubleshooting.