Andor Technology

For this driver, please select Andor Tech on the Setup tab.

All Andor CCD cameras are supported by this driver, including the iDus, iStar, iXon and Newton lines of cameras.

For most camera models, set Use INI File to No.

Some older cameras may require a detector.ini initialization file.  If so, set the Initialization File Path to the correct path for the file that was supplied with your camera, and set Use INI File to Yes.

Clicking the Advanced... button brings up a dialog that allows you to change various readout options for the camera.

Clicking the Discover button will populate the list to the immediate right of the button with the names of the cameras currently connected to the system. Selecting one of the camera names tells the driver to connect to that camera, and populates the different readout options that are available for the camera.

Some Andor cameras have more than one A/D converter that may be used during readout. Use the A/D Channel drop list to select the desired converter. Use the HS Speed option to specify the horizontal shift speed to use during readout, and the VS Speed drop list to specify the vertical shift speed. Higher numbers represent slower speeds, and slower speeds produce a cleaner image, at the expense of download time. Use the Pre-Amp Gain drop list to specify the which gain factor should be applied during readout.

Availability of this feature depends on Product Level.